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www.wendyswantstoknow.com: Wendy’s Wants To Know survey is exclusively for customers. You should have your purchase receipt to participate. Although there is no survey code to check if you have a purchase receipt or not, you will need it to redeem your survey reward. The receipt doesn’t have to be recent. Any visiting date is acceptable to participate.



The survey mostly consists of questions in three ways. You either select an answer, give ratings, or write feedback in less than 1200 words. If you have any complaints or suggestions, this is a great way to reach out to them. In this survey, you can also choose to answer some additional questions and win rewards.

These questions are about a specific product you purchased. If you qualify, you get to participate in their monthly sweepstake that has a cash prize. Even if you choose not to participate, you will still get the validation code at the end of Wendy’s Wants To Know survey.

The code doesn’t have a validity period or an expiration date. You can simply take it with you whenever you visit next. Make sure you follow all the rules and read all the instructions to finish it successfully.

wendyswantstoknow: Wendys is an American-based international restaurant chain. It is one of the most famous fast-food destinations. As of now, they have more than 6,000 restaurants around the world.

Wendy carries out a customer feedback survey called Wendyswantstoknow. The survey questionnaire is created to get customer feedback, complaints, or preferences. It then records these customers’ responses. These can be used to improve service and understand what is most likable.

Much like any other survey, the questions are simple, like details of the order and rating experiences. For big and widely expanded restaurants like Wendys, these surveys have proven to be very useful. So to make more customers participate, they often give special offers. Every eligible participant of wendyswantstoknow gets a validation code that can be redeemed at their stores.

There is an additional survey you can participate in through this one. This other survey offers a cash reward. Also, there are a set of rules and regulations that you must follow to complete the survey. Here we will discuss these rules and regulations, details of the survey, and its rewards too.

Also, check out the eligibility criteria to find if you can participate in Wendy’s Wants To Know survey or not.

 How to Participate in wendyswantstoknow?

Wendy Wants To Know survey is an online survey. You can participate through your phone or any other device with internet access.

  • To participate, you have to visit wendyswantstoknow.com. The site will take you to the following page.
  • As you can see at the bottom of the page, this can be opened in two other languages. You can change the language to either Spanish or French.
  • After choosing the language you are comfortable in, enter the restaurant number, date of visit, and the time of the visit. You can find this information on top of your purchase receipt. Click start to answer the survey questionnaire.
  • It starts with the questions about your order. Like, how you ordered and specific products.
  • Refer to the purchase receipt you have and try to answer accurately.
  • Then you can rate your order. The categories of these ratings are very detailed. You can rate the food based on taste, temperature, and portion.
  • Then you will get a feedback box where you can write the reason behind your ratings. This is not mandatory but, if you want to give a suggestion or mention something specific, you can do it here in less than 1200 words.
  • After this, there may be a few more questions about staff behavior and the restaurant’s environment. They also take your feedback about newly introduced products.
  • Finally, these are a few classification questions. You have to give information like your gender, age, and household income. All the questions in this section are mandatory.
  • After this, there is the final feedback form where you can describe your overall experience at Wendys.
  • Before the end of the survey, you are asked to participate in the monthly sweepstakes. For participation, you have to answer some more questions regarding the products you purchased.
  • You can also get a chance to win a $500 cash prize. It is not mandatory to participate to complete Wendy’s Want to Know Survey.
  • Once the progress bar shows 100% your survey is complete and, the validation code will be displayed. Make sure you note it down on the receipt, as it will be displayed only once.

Survey Reward

Survey reward is a good reason to participate in any survey. Restaurants use it to encourage customers and also to reward them for their time. Wendy’s Wants to Know offers a validation code as a reward. At the end of the survey, participants are instructed to copy this code on their purchase receipt.

This validation code can be redeemed for a meal or a product from Wendy’s menu. Sometimes BOGO spicy chicken or Dave’s sandwich is given as a reward.

This survey also gives customers a chance to participate in sweepstakes and win a cash prize. This involves answering a few more product-specific questions. The cash prize is only rewarded if you are eligible.

Survey Rules and Regulation

The rules and regulations for this survey are quite simple. First and foremost is that participants should be a customer. The survey is only for customers to record their responses and understand what’s working and what people like. Those you haven’t purchased from Wendy’s outlet are not eligible participants.

You should have a receipt too. Although you don’t have to worry about it being an old one. Wendyswantstoknow survey doesn’t specify that the receipt should be recent. You can find out if your purchase receipt is valid by filling in the visiting date, in the survey form.

Now coming to the survey, make sure you enter the right restaurant number and other visit-related information. As mentioned earlier, the questionnaire has 3 types of questions. Some are multiple-choice, some are rating questions, and the remaining are comment boxes.

The multiple-choice and rating questions are mandatory. You cannot finish the survey if you skip them. If you choose to answer in the comment boxes, make sure your answer is less than 1200 words. Apart from this, there is a section with some personal questions.

These questions are asked for classification purposes. They are also mandatory.  This part of the questionnaire may be about your age group, ethnicity, income, or gender. If you are not comfortable answering any one of them, then you cannot participate.

These cover all the rules and regulations of the survey. If you follow them, you can easily complete wendyswantsto- know and get the reward you deserve b for your efforts.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of a survey decide if you are eligible to participate or claim the reward. Wendyswantstoknow doesn’t have any strict criteria. There can be slight changes in criteria, so make sure to read instructions carefully.

  • Firstly, the customer must be above the age of 18 years. This criterion may be different depending on the country.
  • The next is having a valid receipt. There are no specific instructions available about the validity of a purchase receipt but you can check it while participating in the survey.
  • You should know either English, French, or Spanish to participate.

As mentioned earlier the eligibility criteria are lenient. Just these three requirements and you can be one of the participants.

Customer Care and Support

Wendys provides customer care and support through different mediums. The first and easiest way is to use their number. It is available for both calls and texts.

Number: 888.624.8140

The next is the feedback form. Although the survey is very similar to a feedback form, it’s longer. You can find the official site’s feedback form at Contact Us.

It allows you to select the feedback type and category. Under that is the contact detail section. Lastly, a box to describe or complain or comment.

Apart from these, the official website has a new feature called Lets Chat. Let’s Chat is a faster way to find FAQs. This service is much faster and works to list the chat on social networking platforms.

You can click on it and describe your concern in chat. The simpler issues are instantly solved on chat. If you have something specific about your order, it allows you to describe it on the chat and an operator will contact you about it later.

Lastly, you can also connect to Wendys on different social media handles.

Twitter: @Wendys

Facebook: facebook.com/wendys

Instagram: @Wendys

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